"Abuse NV. Multikabel" <abuse@multikabel.nl>
Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for your message. We have sent a cutoff warning to the perpetrator concerned;
should you suffer a repeat occurrence of this abuse, do not hesitate to let us know.

Yours sincerely,

afdeling Abuse

From: "DMISI Network Support" <support@dmisi.com>
The account was terminated yesterday morning.

From: ALLTEL Abuse <abuse@alltel.net>
ALLTEL has terminated this user's account.

Thank you for the notice and we apologize for any inconvenience.

From: Blake Freeburg <blakef@votris.mrdata.com>

  Thank you for the notification; we were aware of the issue, shut down the
server and fixed the problem.  The user who instigated this was from AOL (sigh)
and exposed a relay hole in our configuration (now fixed).

From: Earthlink SC -- IPDSS <elnabuse@sprint.net>
We have received your email, and are currently working on resolving this
matter.  We apologize if resolving this matter is taking a bit longer than
usual, however, it is due to the large amounts of requests we are
currently receiving.

Thank you,
SprintLink Abuse

From: Akiumi Hasegawa <a49915a@cc.nagoya-u.ac.jp>
Thank you for your information.

The mail system of the host was choked out now by the manager of the
host.  And we installed a filter to close SMTP to the host for safty.
This filter remains till the managers of the host repair their

From: "Terms of Service (Torque)" <abuse@rcn.com>
You may consider it canned, processed and safely disposed of. The account
has been terminated. Have a nice day :)


From: Chris Horry <Chris@nildram.net>
This spam was sent from one of our users and I am taking steps to ensure
there is no repeat of this mail, please accept our apologies for any
inconvenience this may have caused you.  Thank you for informing us of this!

From: "Alex" <cocoon.is@home.se>
It should have stopped now, and its been taken care of.
we appreciate you bringing this to our attention'
rest assures all boundaries of the law shall be met

Network Manager X-Stream Scandinavia

From: Administrator <Administrator@fakta.se>
Vi fick tips fren ver ISP att negon studsade mail pe ver server. Det ska
vara fixat nu, men sdker kan man inte vara.

Tack fvr att du uppmdrksammade det.

From: "Bellsouth.Net ABUSE" <abuse@bellsouth.net>
Thank you for informing us of this situation. 

We have investigated your complaint and determined that this abuse situation 
originated from a BellSouth.net business customer. We have forwarded your 
complaint on to the business division of BellSouth.net for resolution.

From: Critical Path Internet Abuse Administrator <abuse@cp.net>

Thank you for your message regarding the following spam.
We have disabled the offending account(s) and placed the 
account(s) under AUP Investigation/Violation as per 
Critical Path Spam policy.

From: Michel Weelink <mweelink@gelrevision.nl>

we apologize for the behaviour of this client and have already asked him to
stop this.

From: "NokNok Helpdesk (NL)" <helpdesk@noknok.nl>

Dear Madam / Sir,

First of all we apologize for our late respons.
Due to some errors in our mailsystem you received unwanted e-mails from
someone who's using our services.
At the moment we are trying to fix this problem and we hope to correct this
as soon as possible.
We are very sorry to have caused you some inconvenience.

From: "DRC - CCE" <drc@usp.br>
We are taking the suittable measures to avoid future ocorrences.

   Your sincerely.

From: "NTT Communications(OCN)" <postmaster@ocn.ad.jp>
 That site is one of our customers(
 I've advised the administrator of the site
 to deal with this problem as soon as possible.

 Thank you for your patience.

From: Krzysztof Romanowski <kmr@ar-kari.put.poznan.pl>
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your warning. I am sorry to admit my sites have in fact been
attacked by spammers;  that was around April 14 and the problem has been -
I hope - remedied since.  The attacked site has had its mail transport
disabled and the relay, which is not open, but allowed specifically the
attacked one, has been closed completely (as relay).

I am sorry for the trouble this spam caused you and hope such cases will
not occur again.

From: "Chris Poon" <abuse@bc.tac.net>
The IP address listed in your complaint  belongs to Dynamic IP address
allocation ADSL network upon our backbone. Many ISP's share this
network. It will take time to isolate and track down this user.

Once we have tracked down the user, We will  forward a
copy of  your complaint to the user's ISP at abuse@telus.net.
Thank you for the abuse notification.

From: Michael Clark <MClark@spescom.com>

My apologies for the inconvenience caused. The relaying was caused by the
introduction of a CVP server which somehow seems to nullify the MS Exchange
routing rules.

The problem has been corrected and should be a thing of the past.

From: Radha Ramkissoon <radha@hq.smartworld.net>

Spammer's Account has been deleted.
We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced  
 due to abuses by one of our members.
We appreciate the time you have taken to inform us of this problem.

From: "postmaster" <postmaster@tomnet.com>
is it closed now

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